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What we do?

We're a test prep company, based in Arizona, USA

We specialize in delivering quality, custom-tailored content online to those test takers willing to go the extra mile.

In-class sessions are conducted in the greater Phoenix area.

Online sessions are also available.

How we do it?

Using reliable, widely available software (Skype, Google Hangouts) we deliver quality training based on the student's needs and availability.

Our Online Rates

Exceptional Value

Online Sessions:

We want you to be certain that you've made the right choice, thus, the 1st hour is free!

GMAT - $50 per Hour
GRE - $50 per Hour
SAT - $40 per Hour
ACT - $40 per Hour

Our In-class Rates

Effective, Memorable, Enjoyable

The rates vary according to the number of students per class, but, on average are ~$20 per student per hour.